Telescopic flexible neck magnetic head 3 High Output 365 nm UV LED Inspection Light

Magnetic particle inspection and nondestructive testing are enhanced with the new high output 365 nm UV light/torch. New low-voltage lights have brilliant LED illumination. Ideal for NDT MPI testing.

All Aluminum with magnetic head can be used as a pickup tool in hard-to-reach areas. Magnetic head can lift up to 2 lb/900 g. Flexible neck, can turn at a 180° angle and extend up to 355 mm. Powered by four LR44 batteries (included).

Most LEDs claiming to be ultraviolet are actually 395-400 nanometers which is the very end of the ultraviolet spectrum and the beginning of the visible light spectrum. True longwave UV-A ultraviolet is 365 nm. As you can see in the top photo 365 nm reveals the hidden security markings whereas in the lower picture 395 nm does not.

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