DC-5 in 2 - UV Lanterns: Short-wave, Longwave, Black Light Blue, Black Light, & Germicidal in a Hand Held Portable.
Model# H DC UVL 5/2 Wave

$199.95 Plus Shipping


  • TWO 4watt UV Lanterns
  • F4T5G*, F4T5BL*, F4T5BLB Tubes
  • UV Filter Shroud
  • Open Window Shroud
  • Hard shell carrying case
  • UV Safety Glasses**
  • Battery Charger, 4 AA Rechargeable batteries ***

With these innovative DC lanterns you can switch between five types of ultraviolet light. 1. High-quality filtered short-wave & 2. longwave UltraViolet, 3. germicidal UltraViolet, 4. UV-A Black Light Blue UltraViolet, and 5. Black Light UltraViolet. Although these sound similar they will serve different applications.

1. Filtered short-wave UltraViolet provides a peek transmission at 254.7 nanometers of pure short-wave UV, for a positive rock and mineral identification and other applications.

2. Filtered longwave provides a peek transmission at 365 nanometers of pure longwave UV, for a positive rock and mineral identification and other applications.

3. Germicidal UltraViolet will kill germs, mold and bacteria in a non-destructive fashion on delicate surfaces. Example: keyboards, remote controls, headphones etc.. Also used for erasing EPROM's.

4. UV-A UltraViolet (BLB) can detect altered credit cards or counterfeit money, hand stamps, identify repaired antique items, glass and ivory analysis, illuminate florescent paints and much more. Also, our open window shroud provides 50% more UV transmission than other standard BLB fixtures.

5. Black Light UltraViolet (BL) can dry/cure acrylics and UV activated glue. Nail polish, spray paint, certain Super glues for glass will dry more quickly and evenly.

Double polished UV Filter provides the longest life and lowest solarization in the industry. Included UV short-wave ultraviolet filter is 50% larger than other filters on lamps of the same class. With 15% more UV transmission.

*Warning: Never Expose Eyes Or Skin to the UV-C germicidal light or the filtered UV-C short-wave ultraviolet light! Never Look Directly at burning light! Be careful of the reflection of germicidal light or filtered short wave light! Never Expose Unprotected Eyes Or Skin to BL ultraviolet light. Always Wear UV Protective Glasses!

**100% polycarbonate Clear, one piece lens & side shield. Adjustable temple lengths. Anti-scratch lens, hard-coated, impact resistant.

***AA Battery Charger, Compact Charger Design. 4 - Rechargeable AA No memory effect. (manufacturer may vary)