Invisible Ultra-V Marking Pens

The Ultra-V theft deterrent program allows police to detect, identify, and return stolen property fast in the event of a burglary. Each Ultra-V Clear Blue marker contains invisible permanent ink. It's safe and reliable and easy to use. Use Ultra-V Clear Blue marker to mark all valuables in your home and office. Ultra-V Clear Blue marker will mark all surfaces including glass, paper, wood, plastic and cloth. It will not damage or deface property. Once pen will mark over 1,200 items. The marks are visible only under black light for easy identification by the police, detectives, and pawn shops. Marked items are hard to fence and evidence of guilt is apparent when thieves are caught.

Mark all valuables with Ultra-V Clear Blue marking pen. Use driver's license number (with state or province abbreviation) This provides an instantly recognizable number to law enforcement agencies and is the most consistent mark of identification for personal property. Record your property. Marking your property takes just a few minutes. Complete the process by making a record of your efforts. Enter a complete description of the marked property on an inventory form.

4 X Ultra-V Pens Retails: $19.95