PL 1300 BLB UV-A Non-destructive Testing Light

PL 1300 BLB UltraViolet Testing Light. This AC/DC hand held UV light is used for tests, inspections, examinations, and investigations in various fields and is the most powerful light weight (10.5 oz) hand held light of its kind on the market. It superior compact H-shaped light tube produces more UV than other tubes of higher wattage. The BLB lamp emits highly concentrated irradiation between 315 nm and 400 nm with a peak transmission at 352nm and 368nm, respectively. Compact and light enough to easily slip into your pocket, or hangs from your belt.

Comes with hard shell foam lined carrying case, AC/DC adapter.

The amber lens UV glasses are ideal for low light situations. The lens blocks the amount of blue light and enhances low light areas by creating high contrast vision.

Plus S&H. All prices in US dollars.


  • Hard shell carrying case
  • AC/DC adaptor & 3'-6'-8' to 10 foot power cord
  • Amber UV Glasses.

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