New high output 26 watt* laboratory grade short-wave ultraviolet light!

ULTRALIGHT 2002 Display. Large 36 sq. in. short-wave bypass filter with the best and brightest, clearest ultraviolet transmission available in the market!

  • 6 ft. heavy-duty 3 prong grounded power cord.
  • Rubber bumper non-skid scratch proof feet.
  • Lightweight aluminum housing (1.07 lbs.)


The most powerful short-wave ultraviolet light available! The UltraLight 2002 is the Rolls-Royce of short-wave UV light! The UltraLight 2002 is the only light on the market to use 2 "H" shaped quartz light tubes. Technologically superior shape to the common "U" shaped tubes, for a more even distribution of the ionized mercury plasma. This gives double the arc length of typical straight lamp.

The 2002 can be mounted permanently on a wall or ceiling through an electrical outlet and operated with a wall switch.

Alternatively you can have a power cord with an on off switch coming out of the back where the mounting bracket would be.

With islets attached to the four corners, you can semi-permanently hang it over your work area but still be able to remove it to make it a portable light.

The special grade quartz tubing used transmits more ultraviolet than commercial quartz tubing used in other lamps.

The high-intensity SW-UV light this unit produces makes it possible to use it in situations where ambient light is usually too bright for UV examinations!

We have decided to go the extra mile by polishing both sides of our ultraviolet transmitting, visible light absorbing filter.

Our studies have shown the cast grade filter U-325C (whereas one side is polished and the other side unpolished), produces a extraordinarily beautiful diffuse short-wave ultraviolet light. This is particularly desirable in ultraviolet photography situations where a softer filtered UV intensity is necessary.

For display or exploration, our studies have shown that our double polished optical filter produces a brighter more focused ultraviolet light! Now our UltraLight models have the brightest clearest ultraviolet transmission available!

Highly Polished Specular Parabolic Aluminum Reflector offers 95% Reflectance
The same used in sun tanning booths for maximum UV reflection!

Two high output "H"shaped quartz lights = 26 watts UV 253nm.

Comparison Info here:

  • UltraLight 2002*, 26 watts
  • SuperBright 2000sw, 16 watts
  • UltraLum UVC28, 2 x 6watts
  • Raytector 5-2, 2 x 6watts
  • UVP UVS26P, 2 x 6watts

Insulated, Shock Resistant Carrying Case & UV Safety Glasses Included*

*Warning: Never Operate This Unit Without Wearing UV Safety Glasses!