The UltraLight HD35watt UV Room Sanitizer. This ultra powerful light with a 35watt high output 254 nm Mercury tube and high polish reflector makes this light the brightest hand held/stand light of its kind available on the market! Exposure to mold is widespread and non-seasonal, as molds grow everywhere; both indoors, such as on window frames and rotting food, and outdoors, with mold on rotting leaves and fungi. Molds release thousands of microscopic spores into the atmosphere, these spores end up in house dust where they grow. Dust from mold-contaminated houses can cause allergy symptoms if a mold-sensitive person inhales it. Molds favors damp musty conditions, such as kitchens and bathrooms, window frames, under wallpaper, on the soil of houseplants, piles of rotting leaves, grass cuttings and compost heaps.

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Includes UV Safety Glasses*